Transitional Care

Professional transitional care services are for patients who have multiple chronic conditions, therapeutic regimens or visit medical centers frequently. Whether it’s weekly sessions, monthly sessions, or daily care, we’ll find the ideal transitional care plan for your loved one. Whether you need long or short-term care, our caregivers will work with you every step of the way and ensure that your family receives the highest standard of care.

Our team at Avana Care comprises experienced and professional caregivers and medical experts who ensure that all patients receive the highest-quality transitional care services. Moreover, we come equipped with proficient communication skills, access to essential services, and properly planned transition plans to uphold our highest standards of service and quality. With our on-demand transitional care managers, we ease your burden and provide you with all the resources and care needed for a swift recovery and post-hospital discharge. We deliver patients back and forth from medical centres safely, plan proactively, carefully monitor safety and environmental conditions, and integrate our effective protocols to improve medical condition and adherence.

Our transitional care services include:

⦁ Incident Transportation
⦁ Prescription Pick Up
⦁ Hospital Discharge Assistance
⦁ Hospice Support
⦁ Supplemental Support Services
⦁ Assistance With Ground Transportation