Personal Care

We know that you have a busy life, and at times it may be too difficult to find time to take care of your parents. With a full-time job and family to balance, it can be cumbersome to show them the same level of care that they once showed you when you were a kid. To relieve you of this stress, we offer fully-fledged personal care services to ensure that your loved ones feel safe and comfortable in their homes.

Avana Care is providing personal care services for your family and loved ones. With our supremely talented nurses and caregivers at the core of our operations, we offer practical assistance with routine household tasks and related activities to assist your loved ones to live in a safe, healthy, and comfortable environment. While our caregivers are trained and certified under the regulatory authorities, we believe that true companionship lies in offering emotional support and hence, improving the quality of life of the person receiving care. This is why our caregivers make sure to match your loved one’s physical and emotional requirements and assist them through every walk of life.

Our personal care services include:

⦁ Meal Preparation
⦁ Light House Keeping
⦁ Running Errands
⦁ Shopping
⦁ Laundry
⦁ Pet Care
⦁ Cleaning Up After Meals
⦁ Making/Changing Beds
⦁ Trash Disposal
⦁ Bathing
⦁ Dressing
⦁ Positive Engagements and Socializing
⦁ Incontinence Care