Keeping Medical Records Safe

If you can keep one in your car or purse it will ensure you always have it when you go to the doctor or if you unexpectedly end up in the hospital. It’s also smart to stash a copy of health records in a safe and/or with someone else fir protection

Why Home Service Is Better

Our clients will feel more comfortable and independent staying in their own homes rather than in a nursing home. No matter how lovely the nursing home may be, it doesn’t feel right compared to the house in which they’ve lived and thrived for many years. You can’t beat the familiarity of your favourite couch or…

Choosing The Right Home Care Service

For your loved ones’ health and well-being, you may need to relocate them to a more supervised environment, but they may have a different idea of what that entails. Moving out of the home they have loved for several years can often place them in a spiral of sadness and stress, especially when having to…