Alzheimer’s & Dementia’s Care

The caregivers and medical experts at Avana Care continue to provide people suffering from memory loss with the person-centered approach backed by research to alleviate their symptoms. Our approach starts with a thorough assessment of your loved one’s physical, emotional, and cognitive status.

Once our team of medical experts finalize the assessment, we then proceed towards formulating a customized plan that works in the best interest of your loved one. Moreover, our Alzheimer and Dementia care plans are proven to deliver care, support, stability while reinforcing positive encouragement and interactions.

Our caregivers and nurses are approved under the relevant regulatory authorities and certifications to ensure they are trained under the highest standards. Moreover, our team also works with our patients across all levels to ensure that they are being looked after to the best of our ability and are assisted in connecting socially with others.

We understand that taking on this confusing and challenging disease can be cumbersome. This is why you should seek our help and allow our compassionate caregivers to help you and your family cope with this difficult situation.

Our Alzheimer’s and Dementia’s care services include:

⦁ Assessments & Consultations
⦁ Medication Management
⦁ Effective Communication and Interaction
⦁ Establishing a Stable Routine
⦁ Transportation
⦁ Memory Loss Care
⦁ Genuine Relationship Building